Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy holidays!!!

I guess I said that there wouldn't be anymore updates before christmas eve but I really had to draw another angry Santa just like I did last year. I guess it will be a tradition :) This year's Santa is waaay more pissed off than the one from last year. I'm loving my photoshop cause it feels so easy to make changes when I draw the whole pic i there. If I would draw with traditional pen and paper I would have to use erasers and shit and I also would have to scan several times if I found some mistakes.

I've been with my girl today and have played some soccer. My stamina was a lot better than I thought but my technique needs some practice :P

It was fun nonetheless. Tomorrow it is time to get the christmas tree bejeweled. Kinda boring but hey...it's gotta be done. If you feel down and depressed...look at my new Santa-pic and think that there can always be worse :P Happy Holidays everyone!

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